How to get out of Facebook Jail?


Upon reading the title, the first question that arises is, what is Facebook Jail? 

Facebook Jail means Facebook suspends your account when anyone breaks the Facebook Community Standards. It happens because you send too many friend requests, you post content that should not be posted. usage of fake accounts and many more reasons. A pop-up generally comes on your screen stating ' Your account is temporarily blocked '. 

Sometimes you can see the content but not post or react to it and in some cases, you cannot log in to your account. Your account gets permanently blocked. 

How to tell if someone is in Facebook Jail?

If you are blocked from posting posts or liking or commenting on anyone's post, then it means you are in Facebook jail.

You are restricted to do many things like:

  • You cannot post anything.

  • You cannot like or comment on posts.

  • You might have trouble logging in to your account.

  • You cannot send messages.

  • You cannot use your Facebook groups and even messenger.

How long does Facebook jail last?

Facebook jail lasts for 24 hours to 30 days and sometimes permanently. Still, if your account does not operate, then it means it has been blocked permanently. 

How to get out of Facebook jail?

First, just stay and wait for what happens. It usually takes time but if you have not done anything, you get access to the account.

Second, make an appeal. You will get a reply to your appeal through your registered email address.

Third, If nothing happens then make a new account. Now, take precautions while handling your account.

You can avoid getting Facebook jail by creating original content, by not spamming around, not sending too many friends requests, providing accurate information about you, being careful while tagging people. 


You need to play safely while handling things. Do not play dirty. Otherwise, you might face consequences.