How to Recover a Disabled Facebook account


People who love Facebook can’t go a day without using it and enjoying the features they love in it. What if such a person's Facebook account is disabled? They cannot accept it and try to recover their account by using any methods. Now we will check the methods to recover your account. 


The reason your account will be disabled:

  1. Using fake names or identities that are untrue about you can cause your account to be disable.

  2. Posting content by violating the guidelines set by Facebook can also result in this. 

  3. Pretending as another person and posting information about them when caught by Facebook will also disable your account. 

  4. Activities like harassment, promoting, dating or advertising and anything similar to this are not encouraged


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Methods to recover your disabled Fb account: 

  • When you delete your Facebook account you can recover it within 14 days but if you try to login after day 14, unfortunately, you will not be able to log in. Since your account has been deleted permanently.  

  • On another hand, Facebook will disable the accounts of users who do not follow their community guidelines or norms or rules set by the Facebook account. If this is the case, then you can appeal to Facebook directly. 

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How to appeal?

Step 1: Go to the help center page and visit Recover disabled Facebook account. This will show you the various reasons why your account is disabled and also methods to recover it. 


Step 2: Fill the form ‘My personal account was disabled’ and after entering the details that you have added, you can click on the option ‘send’. 


Step 3: Within 24 hours you will get a notice from Facebook, stating whether your account is still disabled or your account is fixed.


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