How to recover a suspended twitter account?


If you are here seeking the ways or methods which you can use to recover your suspended Twitter account then you are at the perfect place; this article will talk about the ways to recover the Twitter account which has been suspended. 

If your account has been suspended then it is possible that you have violated the rules and regulations of Twitter. Usually, Twitter divides the rules of their platform under three categories which are Safety, Privacy, and Authenticity and if you have violated any of the rules under these categories from an unsuspended Twitter account then your account will be suspended. 

Rules to keep in mind and follow – 

If you want to continue using your Twitter account without any problems then you need to follow the rules which are given below – 

  1. If you will glorify any kind of violence, terrorism, and violent extremism then your account might get suspended so you need to ensure that you do not do any such thing. 

  2. If Twitter finds your account abusive it will suspend it immediately as it comes under the Safety rule. 

  3. If you are found sharing other people’s information without their consent or if you are found sharing non-consensual nudity and other content like this then you will get your Twitter account suspended.

  4. The users of Twitter accounts are not allowed to engage in inauthentic purposes or they are also not allowed to interfere with the elections and other things. 

  5. If you do not want a Twitter suspended account then you need to ensure that your Twitter account is not posing as another person or brand or an organization in a confusing and also in deceptive manner. 

If you have not done any such thing then you can file a complaint on the official site of Twitter about your grievance.