How to Unlock Locked Snapchat Account?


Are you able to log into your Snapchat account? If not, then the reason may be that Snapchat has locked your account. Snapchat will send you a message if your account has been locked, however, they don’t tell you the process to unlock snapchat account

So, let us help you and provide ways by which you can unlock Snapchat. 


Why is my snapchat locked?


While you are thinking about how to unlock my snapchat account, you may also wonder that why Snapchat locked your account? 

For this, reasons could have been many. Snapchat may have detected the use of third-party apps or tweaks from your account. It could also happen because of unsolicited messages and photos you have sent or you may have added too many friends without verifying the account. 


Unlock your locked Snapchat account


  1. The first step is to visit the support website of Snapchat. 

  2. On this site, you will see a ‘My account is locked’ page. Open it.

  3. After this, you will have to click on the ‘unlocking your account’ link. This step will ask you to log into your account and then hit on ‘Unlock’.

  4. After clicking on the unlocked option, your account should be unlocked. 


You can try waiting for 48 hours to unlock your account if the processes for Snapchat unlock given above is not helping. Snapchat generally locks an account for the time period of 24 hours and you can log into your account after waiting for the same time period. 

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