How to unmerge Yahoo email from ATT?


As well we all know that now att mail is not a combined platform with yahoo mail. The reason they are not partners now is due to a lack of security. When they both were combining platforms they thought due to the same login in the platform they both are lacking security so they choose to separate. But due to this people are now facing the issues of unmerging yahoo from att. So to make this unmeregee task easier read the blog till last.


How can you do the process of unmerging yahoo from att mail?


  • Open the search tab and visit the att login page.

  • After visiting the site search for the option of signing up. 

  • After founding the signup options click on that. 

  • There enter your user id and password of att net yahoo mail.

  • Now you have to tap on my profile switch. Which will be just below my att.

  • Now after clicking on the profile you will see att email account. Just below the email account option, you will see the profile account option press that.

  • After going to the user information option. Then you have to select the delete account.

  • By pressing on delete account after a few minutes a question will come on your screen like "are you sure you want to delete account" then press ok.

  • By doing this go to the search page once more and open the yahoo login page.

  • For login type your yahoo email and password.

  • When you will come to the yahoo page after login you will see a three-dot symbol to the down right side of the page tap that and option will come of unmerge select that.


What has changed after unmerging?


Now users don't put their yahoo mail login details to login into yahoo mail or att mail.

They have their separate login details for both platforms.


Earlier you can use their merge email account by using the yahoo address on yahoo. co.But then the team said it is compulsory to separate the yahoo and att email account. By doing this scenario made was-


  • Password was the same for both.

  • Your email, phone number, the calendar will be on the yahoo platform. Not on my att platform.

  • Yahoo team will handle your yahoo password.


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