How to use Spoiler tags on Discord?

Spoiler tag is a service which is provided by Discord and you must know that no other text or messaging service could provide this service. It allows the users to know which message has spoiler content and hence they should open it only if they want to.  

If you are here to get the answer to your question of how to spoiler an image on discord mobile then this is the right place for you and you just need to execute as well as follow the steps very carefully to avoid any mistakes further. 

Steps to mark a message as spoiler – 

  1. To begin this you must open the Discord app and once you have opened it you need to open the chat on which you have to send the message.

  2. In the second step you have to type in the message in Discord which you want to send in the chat box to add spoiler tag discord mobile. 

  3. Now for next step you have to double click on the message you have typed to highlight it.

  4. Now click on the eye icon which you will find on the screen and as soon as you will click on it you will see a pop up window will appear in front of you. 

  5. You need to verify whether the text you have types has two vertical bars at the current step or not and if it will have it then only you can move ahead for discord spoiler mobile.  

  6. Last step is to hit the enter button to finally add the discord on the text and also the message will be send with a spoiler tag on it. 

You can also add spoiler on image by going for discord spoiler image mobile for which the steps are pretty much familiar with some changes in it.