Playstore keeps my download pending.

There are many people who download the apps from the Google play store but sometimes there are some problems that are being faced by the users like Google play app download pending

So, solve the problems of the users we are here to help you and we will provide you with the ways so that the users are able to use the services of the Google play store without any problems like the play store app download pending

Ways to follow to fix the problems occurring with the play store  

  1. The users should try to clear the cache and the junk files of the Google play store which might be responsible for the problems occurring with the Google Play store for this the users need to follow the steps given below – 

  • Visit the settings option and then click on the app management option. 

  • Later on, tap on the Google play store option followed by the storage usage option.

  • At last the users will be asked to click on the option of clear cache option to solve the problem. 

  1. The next way that the users can try to get rid of download pending errors is to adjust the queue of the apps being downloaded or updated. 

  • Launch the play store app on your phone and then tap on the profile icon. 

  • Now select the manage apps and devices settings and click on the cross button to cancel the download or you can also stop all at once by clicking on the cancel all button.