Why AOL email is not working with Outlook?

AOL is one of the most popular email services used among all the popular services available on the internet. And one of the most wonderful features is that it can work well with MS Outlook. But, sometimes people face a lot of AOL and outlook problems. So, here we are telling you how you can fix the problems of AOL email with MS Outlook. 

General troubleshooting methods for AOL and Outlook

If AOL not working with outlook, you can try all of these troubleshooting techniques discussed. This will help you properly sync your AOL email with MS Outlook. 

  1. Make sure to use the correct credentials

While logging in to your AOL email account on MS Outlook, you should enter the correct login details. As many people confuse the login credentials of AOL email with the Outlook details. Remember you need to use the username and password of your AOL account. 

  1. ensure a stable internet connection

A stable internet connection is required when you are using AOL email on MS outlook. So, you should ensure that you have a proper internet connection and do switch to Wi-Fi if you are using your mobile data if aol not working with outlook. 

  1. Wrong configuration settings

Sometimes, there are configuration problems if the AOL map not working. You should see that the IMAP and SMTP settings of your AOL email are configured correctly in MS Outlook. These settings are very important for the proper functioning of the email service.