Why my Gmail is not loading?

Gmail has become an important part of our life and when not working, it may pose a few problems for us. There can be a few reasons why Gmail won’t load. The Gmail operation can be incompatible with the browser or there can be too many cache and cookies interfering.


How to fix it when Gmail won’t load 


The reasons for Gmail not opening may range from easy to hard but follow the methods given below and you will have no problem.

  1. Restart the Computer: This very simple step is often very useful to fix the problem so don’t panic and give it a try.

  2. A compatible Browser: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are some browsers that go well with Gmail, still some don’t. If an attuned browser is not working, try to enable Javascript and cookies.

  3. Check the browser extensions or plug-ins: Some extensions of browser and plug-ins may interfere with the working and may be the reason for Gmail not loading. Turn off the extensions to see if that settles it.

  4. Clearing browser cache and cookies: Deleting cookies and cache clearing can delete the browsing history from your device, but this step can be useful when the other troubleshooting methods seem to fail. Try to load Gmail again after this step to see if the problem is fixed.

  5. Contact Gmail help: The official site of Gmail help provides a variety of information. You can surf the site and put up your questions. 

Hope the information proves to be helpful for you.