Why Do My Android Apps Keep Crashing


One of Android's best features is the sheer number of apps and games accessible.

The Android universe is diverse in hardware and software. Because app developers must code their products to work on a range of hardware and software combinations, this might pose complications android apps keep crashing.

Apps might freeze or crash due to a variety of reasons, including different chipsets, screen resolutions, and custom skins.

Multiple apps crashing on your device could be due to low RAM or a malfunctioning chipset. Incorrectly coded apps can potentially crash. Your Android's custom skin may potentially be to blame. Keep reading if you're wondering why certain apps keep stopping and how to solve it.

How do I fix Android apps that keep crashing?

If you have been wondering why several apps keep crashing android, here are few simple procedures you can follow to fix it:

1. Ensure your Android is up to date.

If your phone isn't working properly, always check for updates and install them. This rules out a simple bug as the cause..

2. Restart the Phone.

Restarting your phone can also

fix app crashes. When the device is restarted, the system and other apps'

processes will be destroyed.

3. Erase the app's data

The same goes for app crashes.

The device's processes will be killed when resumed.

4. Install the app again.

If deleting the app data doesn't

work, you can reinstall it. Reinstall the app from the Play Store.

5. Always keep your apps up to date.

App developers regularly update

their apps. These updates also include bug fixes, which should remedy app

crashing issues.

6. Make more storage space available.

Apps may crash due to lack of

storage. Delete unused programmes and files to free up storage. Go to Settings

-> Apps to remove unwanted apps and games.

7. Factory Reset

If nothing else seems to help, try rebooting your device. Go to Settings ->

About phone and select Backup and Reset. Because this will delete all data on

your device, make a backup first.