Rios AP Psych HOME page

Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year Wildcats!

Photo: My adorable students studying for the AP psychology exam!! At Starbucks!!!! Love them!

Here you see Lynsi and Ruben at Starbucks with the Princeton Review! This is what your future looks like....


The following are tips to get you through the class:

1) Reading your text book nightly-- stay with me or ahead of me. The agenda tells you what to read. be prepared for anything! A pop quiz can happen at any read? you are fine!

2) Reviewing your notes

3) Pay attention in class and even pay attention to all documentaries and things being shown in class via internet, video, documentary-- etc. I often give points for just watching something and if you have your head down or cell phone on your desk-- it may be considered "non participation"-- and a zero will be inserted as your grade. Every point counts...keep that in mind.

4) Doing the practice tests in the back of each chapter as well as using the textbook website for help.

** 5) Fully understanding the material before you leave out the door. SOOOOO-- ask me questions!! Use the "Do you understand" and tell me if you need more help!

6) Make index cards with only vocab...and maybe another set for people that you meet in each chapter! This has helped students in the past.

This website will have helpful information. Please put it on favorites and check daily. Below is an explaination of the navigation buttons and what they contain:

AGENDA: This has your weekly updated schedule/ warning for surprise quizes and more!

SLIDESHOWS: These are review slideshows you can practice with for tests

WEB LINKS: These are awesome links to various topics-- very helpful and even entertaining

SYLLABUS: This contains a copy of your syllabus for your review and for your parents/ This syllabus is college board approved


If you study psychology people assume you know what they are thinking. Don't disillusion them, you can have a lot more fun that way.Wink