You will have an essay on nearly every unit of this book. ( The AP test is two parts: multiple choice and essay. This is why I test you in these two ways) We will grade them often together in class using a rubric. I will show you the AP PSych reader techniques on how they grade your essay! If you can grade and essay-- you can write and essay and ROCK THAT ESSAY to get full credit on the AP EXAM! The following are helpful tips on HOW to attack that essay prompt. You need this! Essays are challenging!!

But you are in good shape when you bring your friend Ida.

Who's Ida? (thanks for asking...I'll tell you)--> :-)


D     Define


That's Ida...... Identify the vocabulary term in your essay, Define the vocabulary term or concept the best way you can, and Apply the vocabulary term to the scenario given as best you can using specific details, buzzwords...supporting your answer.See example below....THIS IS NOT a REAL essay prompt : Just an example to show off IDA (your BFF)...

Sample Essay question #1

Sally is full of anxiety and experiences depression. Her level of functioning has seriously decreased and she struggles with paranoid thoughts and delusions of persecution and thoughts that she is in danger. Her environment has not changed with the exception of experiencing the death of her family pet and a few minor financial issues in the home. Explain from the cognitive perspective why Sally is exhibiting this behavior and how we can resolve her problem and get her back to life?


Sample Answer:

The cognitive perspective (Identify) centers around a person's thoughts or ways of thinking. Cognition means any and all mental elements (Define) : in the case of Sally she is experience thoughts that are paranoid and thinking that may seem irrational and negative which may create the  depression that she feels. This depression is affecting her behavior negatively and she is unable to function.(Applied to Sally) 

(Application here about getting her back to life) Her problem may find resolution by having her engage in therapy that helps her see that her thinking is irrational: Sally must view her thoughts and realize that what she is thinking is not realistic, actual or appropriate. Once she confronts her own irrational thinking she may start dealing more with the reality that she is fine and in no danger. She may feel better once her thoughts go back to "normal".