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What's Happening January 23-27 in the Classroom including Spelling and Math

What's Happening

Spelling and Math

January 23-27

We will begin study on 100's for the 100th day of school coming up next week.  We will sing, write, and do math activities with 100s for the next two weeks.  We will even make a 100's TRAIL MIX.  Yum!!

We will write e-mail letters to Michael Wang and Grace's Aunt Nancy.  We will do this all together using the mimio so that we can all see the letter as we write to them.



1.  me

2.  see

3.  feet

4.  seat

5.  mean

6.  team

7.  slow

8.  road

9.  our

10.  over


1.  Our team is slow!

2.  Are your feet on the seat?



  • differences with base-ten blocks
  • turn around facts
  • facts tables
  • measurement practice to nearest inch and half inch
  • make a place value booklet


Get 2 Months for $5!