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History and Drama

History and Drama

How about a little Drama?


"Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I will remember.

Involve me and I will understand."

Chinese Proverb



What's the value of using drama?

Source #1 and ESL

Source #2

Source #3

Source #4


Dealing with the issues of group work and "acting"...


* Dealing with Disagreements

* Making the room safe to "act"

* Rehearsing or practicing

*Check vocabulary / pronunciations

*No accents


I. Role Playing


Lesson 1:  American Revolution

Town Meeting: Should the colonists use violence to break away from their government?



Lesson 2:   The Cherokees

Should the Cherokees be removed from their homeland?

 Lesson 3:  Mexican American War: (small group)

When is it right to use force to take land from another people?

Lesson 4:  Meet the Press

What were the arguments for and against slavery?



II. Reader's Theater


1.  Script:  Martin Luther King, Jr.


Power Point: Martin from ggorospe


2.  Script:  Immigration Experience

Power Point: Immigrants from ggorospe


3.  Script:  Declaration of Independence

Power Point: Declaration


4.  Script:  Declaration of Sentiments
Video: Bad Romance..Women's Suffrage



III.  Musical Lessons

Constitution Rap

IV. Newscast!

V.  Quick Quarrels
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