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Manifest Destiny and Native Americans

Manifest Destiny and Native Americans

Using the themes of Annihilation, Assimilation, and Appropriation, students will examine Manifest Destiny and its justification for taking by force land from the Native Americans.

Annihilation:  When is it right to take land by force from another group?

1.  Reader's Theater on Points of view:  Students will work in groups of 4 to examine primary sources about justification for Manifest Destiny by answering questions on a worksheet.

2.  Reader's Theater on the Trail of Tears:  Native Americans lament the lost of their land.
Script is based on primary sources.
A powerpoint accompanies the script.

Assimilation: "making the Red man a White man"...When is the process of assimilation a positive and negative experience?
In groups of 4 have students analyze the four primary sources and fill out the Four Square worksheet.
This is a biased lesson pointing out the negative aspects of assimilation.
Have students explore the positive side of assimilation or how assimilation can work in a positive way.

Four Square worksheet

Source 1:  Lone Wolf
Source 2:  Tom Torlino
Source 3:  Sun Elk
Source 4:  Indian School


Should the appropriation of Native American names and images be used in sports?  Why and why not?

1.  Directions for activity
2.  Mascot Pictures
3.  T chart for thoughts
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