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Social Studies: Lesson Plans with the Internet
by Gil Gorospe



Why Study History?

By Peter N. Stearns
© 1998, American Historical Association.
Peter N. Stearns is Provost and Professor of History at George Mason University.

1.  History Helps Us Understand People and Societies

2.  History Helps Us Understand Change and How the Society We Live in Came to Be

3.  The Importance of History in Our Own Lives

4.  History Contributes to Moral Understanding

5.  History Provides Identity

6.  Studying History Is Essential for Good Citizenship

7.  What Skills Does a Student of History Develop?
The Ability to Assess Evidence.
The Ability to Assess Conflicting Interpretations.
Experience in Assessing Past Examples of Change

8.  History Is Useful in the World of Work


An approach to Teaching History...

PowerPoint:  history from ggorospe


In creating my lessons...

I believe students should...

  • be actively engaged in their own learning
  • be moving
  • share their ideas and have meaningful conversations
  • make their own choices according to their strengths and interest
  • reflect on and evaluate their learning experience

Technology: Using the Internet

The Monk and New Technology #1...or

The Monk and New Technology #2


Why infuse technology?

1. Greater resources (I don't have to be the expert)

2. Access to different points of view (great for history)

3. Students can focus on interest

4. Encourages Independence / Choice / Desire to learn

5. Student can learn at own pace

6. Address modalities

7. Learning beyond the walls of the classroom (access to information anytime, anyplace)

8. Communication

9. Quality of work / Creativity

10. Success rate


Affect on Role of Teacher

The content presenter / expert
Test giver

...and still the Teacher

* The Teacher designs the learning experience

* The Teacher teaches the foundational skills in using the Internet

1. How to find information.

2. How to determine if what is found is relevant to the task.

3. How to determine if the relevant information is accurate.

4.  How to recognize and examine bias in any perspective document.



1. How one uses technology is more important than if one uses it at all.

2. Learning does not take place better or faster simply by replacing instructional medium with another.

3. Technology cannot replace the TEACHER.


Creating lessons

Let's explore how to use the resources on the internet:

1. Start with what you got in your lesson bag...

2. Ask yourself: How can I infuse technology?

3. You do not want the internet to be just another textbook to fill out worksheets...

Think out of the creative...wild...


Web sites disappear and change
Check links before you do lesson
Have alternate sites





Ways to use the internet...

1. Create a Teacher Web site:


No need for students to type the URL, which can be a mile long

a. Communication: Eich School

The World:


b. Collect Sites for / help.....or even day in the lab




KidiPede: History for Kids

State Reports

Storybooks online
More Storybooks online IPL


Digestive System


Ask Dr. Math

c. Practice Tests: 

Constitution Test
Online Game: Identify the 50 states


d. Collect web sites for student research

Road Trip: Geography
Native American Report

Mission Report


e. Projects Online: 

Immigrant Scrapbook
Civil War Newspaper / Civil War PhotoBook

2. Use WebSites for Class Instruction
How things work: e.g. How the Erie Canal work


a. Create your own PowerPoints for teacher presentations
Lecture: Adding bells and whistles, music, visuals, sound effects
Correcting work


b. Interpreting History through Art/Photos / Drawings
* What's the Artifact? e.g. google "Egyptian Art"

* Four Square: SlaveryPowerPoint:  Middle passage




c. Virtual Tours / Geography
Oregon Trail: Virtual tour

d. Use of Audio online:
Foreign languages

Oral history: Slavery

e. Use of Music online:
Underground Railroad: Drinking Gourd

Sing alongs
Japan: Musical Instruments

f. Use of Videos online
National Geographic Videos


g. Student work...

Mr. Gorospe's Class: Web sites

Wounded Knee


h. Funtime

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

PowerPoint templates: Jeopardy



1. How one uses technology is more important than if one uses it at all.

2. Learning does not take place better or faster simply by replacing instructional medium with another.

3. Technology cannot replace the TEACHER.

The Teacher's printable worksheets

Slideshare:  Find ready made powerpoints

TeacherTube: Find youtube videos for teachers

Ready made lessons: A collection for teachers 

Resources for the Teacher:

C-Span Classroom

The Teacher's
Kid's Online Resources



Special Education Links

Learning Disability Online

Special Lesson Plans

Oops for Special Ed

SERI: Special Education Resources on the Internet