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Teaching History


Historical Thinking

Themes History Sites








Common Core








Why study American history?

American Historical Society

Why study World History?

World History For Us All


What is Historiography?


"Historiography is the study of how history itself is written or handed down throughout the ages. It takes into consideration the various means by which a historical source is formed, such as the credibility of the sources used, the motives of the author composing the history, and its authenticity. Historiography can be regarded as a form of meta-history.

The word history comes from the Ancient Greek "historia," which means "inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation." The existence of historical sources provides valuable information concerning the past. Historiographers tend to differentiate these sources in terms of written and oral histories. Oral history is a more dynamic because it is spread by word of mouth, while written history is fixed and emphasizes the recording of facts.

Historiography tries to place these various sources into a specific context. This means that the historiographer does not merely accept the content of a source at face value, but traces the source looking for various motifs in its formation. One can understand a historical source as conceived from within a certain perspective and with a precise objective tied to its very production. Historical events can be seen as biased by the particularities of their recording and presentation. The historiographer acts like a history detective, seeking to unravel the logic of the production of history."


What is Historical Thinking?

Historical Thinking

Web Sites to Practice Historical Thinking

Historical Thinking Exercises (interesting web site)

America's History in the Making

HTM: Historical Thinking Matters


Primary Sources


Why Use Primary Sources to teach History?

It's in the California Framework! SCORE: Skills to be taught in History

National Archives

American Memory (Library of Congress)

Wisconsin Historical Society

Some places to find Primary Sources...

Library of Congress
National Archives


Guides and Templates for Analyzing Sources

Library of Congress: Creating Lessons with Primary Sources

Guide to analyzing a source: SOAPS

NARA's Document Analysis Worksheets

Smithsonian Analysis Worksheets (6 handouts / good for world history)





U.S. History


Using the Themes / Concepts to Pose Essential Questions


World History


Using G.R.A.P.E.S.

World History For Us

PDF file on World History Themes

PDF file on College


Standards and Skills

SCORE: Framework and Standards

SCORE: Skills to be taught in History

SCORE: Resources

CTAP Online Course Models

Sample STAR Questions

Common Core


California Common Core


Common Core for English Language Arts in History/Social Studies


                                             Collection of Web Sites
Nara Digital Classroom (National Archives)
American Memory (Library of Congress)
Digital History
Eyewitness to History
Center for History and Media

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
History of Today
Sabato's web site


Analyzing Art

Met Museum
Picturing America
Smithsonian Landscape painting
American Art

PBS Images of the West
America's Library

Find Lesson Plans for all Subjects


C-Span Classroom

The Teacher's
Kid's Online Resources




Why Study Geography?

My Wonderful World


5 Themes of Geography and activities:

5 Themes of Geography



Links... links

Population Reference Bureau

CIA World Factbook

NASA for Kids

My Wonderful World

National Geography lessons

Discovery lessons

Top rated geography lessons

National Geography videos

Maps to download and Interactive maps

National Geographic Xpeditions (download maps and lessons)

Education Place (download maps)

National (check out the dynamic maps!) (maps to view)

Geography Quiz: The World

Interactive Map the U.S. and the World

National Geographic Map Machine


Creating Lessons:


The Secret Ingredients (pdf)

Bloom's Taxonomy (pdf)

Howard Gardner (pdf)

Lesson Templates

HotChalk: lesson template

Another lesson template from Lesson (word doc)

Lesson Plans 4

Teacher Tools

K6 Educators

How about a list of strategies to teach History?

SCORE strategies: Upper elementary to Middle School

More SCORE strategies: Middle School to High School

Reading and Writing strategies

More Reading strategies

Rubrics for Assessments

SCORE rubrics

RubiStar: Create your own rubric

Gil's History essay rubric.doc

In conclusion...Secrets of Great History Teachers



Classroom Management Websites

Education World:Classroom Management 101 Getting ready for School (tips from experienced teachers)

Teacher Vision (Drake University): all kinds of support for teachers

Goal Setting for Kids and Teachers



                                                                 Multi-Media sites

Virtual Tours
Panoramic Tours
Oregon Trail: Virtual tour
360 degree tour of Ellis Island
Use of Audio online:
Slave Narratives
Scholastic Ellis Island: Virtual Tour
Speaking Arabic language
Use of Music online:
Japan instruments
African instruments
History music
Use of Videos online
National Geographic Videos
Art and Pictures
Picturing America


Tools for creating Websites & PowerPoints An easy to use template to create your
own website.  Try will be surprised!


Get ready made Powerpoints that you can download and edit:
You can also use this site to upload PowerPoints you have created.


PowerPoint for Jeopardy and other


Below are websites to help create and design your website and powerpoints...


History Clipart

History Images:

Mr. Donn's site:

School clipart




Animation Library

General Use

Animal Clipart

Clipart Universe





Lines, Bars, Separators

Icon Bazaar
Ender Design

Sound files

Sound Effects


Find Sounds

Partners in Rhyme

A1 Sounds


Tunes / Movie / TV sounds


Planet TV Tunes

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