Business Trip

Business trip

You are going on a business trip to London in a few days; your boss has given you today and tomorrow to get ready for you upcoming trip. You should start with packing for the trip. You decide to check the weather in London so you know what to pack.

While looking over the weather in London you remember that your luggage was lost on the last business trip you took. You chose Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy from. You have to buy a carry on bad, garment bag, and check luggage bag. After you have chosen which you want you need you decide which coupon will save you more.

The First gives you $5 off if you spend $15, the other gives you 20% off one item (largest priced if you are smart). Don’t forget toad in the taxes so you know the total price.


As you are packing your carry on bad you need to determine how many books and magazines to take. Use the distance the Boeing 747 will travel and its speed to find approximately how long you will be in the air.

You then realize that you will need some English pounds.  Using the current exchange rate you would like to convert $1500. After your trip you have 345.65 pounds left conver it backto dollars.