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You must always know the past, for there is no real Was, there is only Is.
-William Faulkner

Ninth grade global history is the first course in a two course sequence that will teach you the history of our world. Beginning with the earliest primordial slimes of a prehistoric landscape and continuing beyond the farthest reaches of today’s imagination, history is a constant succession of events leading from the past to the present and even into the future. 

Your task this year beings on the eastern shores of Africa as you witness the earliest of humans create and use stone tools for the very first time. From there you will unravel the secrets of an extraordinary revolution that ended the Paleolithic stone age and profoundly changed mankind forever. Authors Jared Diamond, Daniel Quinn and many others will guide you on a fascinating journey with no limits, and of course I’ll also be with you every step of the way.  I don’t want to spoil too many of the surprises that await you in my class beyond the simple B-wing corridors, but I will tell you a new age of exploration and discovery is our final destination this June; let’s get going! 

You might be asking yourself, what does any of this have to do with me and my life? My question to you is what does that matter? Many kids love and are fascinated by dinosaurs, but has one ever walked down the street in the last 10,000 years? Even if giant lizards weren’t your thing, I’m sure you have fantasized at least once about superheroes, faraway places and great adventures. Remember that just because something has no immediate application doesn’t mean it’s not interesting, fascinating or fun! And also don’t make the mistake of thinking no links exist between you and the past (Neanderthals included), like Faulkner’s quote above implies it’s closer than you may realize. 

Required course materials are listed below, they are your tools for success in this course so treat them wisely. Also available below is a breakdown of how you will be evaluated. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please click on the “About me” button at the top of the page and use the contact information you find listed to reach me. See you in September! 

Required course materials:

1. Three ring binder - size three inch or larger please

2. Ten dividers for binder organization

3. Pens, paper, pencils and a highlighter

4. College ruled paper that is three hold punched

Grading and evaluation: 

Ø      Evaluation: Student assessment will be based on the results of their in-clas oral and written work, as well as homework assignments, test, projects, special assignments, effort and participation. 

Ø      Test grades: Students will receive reasonable advance notice of all test, but not necessarily all quizzes. A quiet environment will be provided for any assessment administered in class. Tests and quizzes will be returned promptly, and will contain constructive criticism as well as rationales for any point deductions. All grades will be maintained privately by the teacher in accordance with the district policy. 

Ø      Written or project work: Extended assignments will come with a detailed requirements sheet indicating when the project is due as well as what is expected and how the work will be assessed (rubric). 

Ø      Portfolios: The teacher will encourage students to maintain a classroom folder containing all returned work. 

Ø      Rubrics: Students will receive a rubric for all extended assignments as well as any class projects. 

Ø      Technology: Students will be periodically be expected to utilize new forms of technology for the purposes of enhancing their education, including websites, blogs, wikis,, brainpop and other online learning resources.

Ø      Progress reports: Reports indicating student progress will be sent to students’ families, parent(s) and or legal guardian(s) halfway through each marking period; provided this is in accord with school or district policy. These reports must be endorsed and returned within seven days; extenuating circumstances not withstanding. Failure to comply with any guideline here mentioned, will result in a personal call home.