Classroom policies & procedures

Classroom guidelines are essential when it comes to creating the well-managed and safe learning atmosphere we all desire and deserve. In addition to respect for self, respect for others and respect for the environment, there are additional policies and procedures for our classroom learning experience together this year. Subdivided into three categories (classroom administration, classroom order and setting, and classroom instructional plan) the content below outlines both academic and behavioral expectations for your personal growth and professional development. If you have any questions, comments, or would like any clarification please contact me by clicking on the "About me" button above, and using the contact information you find listed there.

Classroom administration:

 Ø      The teacher will be responsible for taking attendance each morning. Written as well as electronic documentation will record who is present, absent or tardy at the start of each day. Any unexcused absences will be reported to the attendance office immediately following roll call. 

Ø      Students are expected to be on time and are held accountable when tardy. 

Ø      Homework will be collected at the start of each class. Students are expected to keep any returned work in personal classroom binders. 

Ø      Students are permitted to leave their assigned seats without notifying the teacher for reasons related to the lesson and or emergency personal need. However, no student will be permitted to move about the room when as assessment is taking place or during direct instruction, without first raising their hand and addressing the teacher. 

Ø      Students wishing to use the bathroom may quietly take the bathroom pass from its place by the door and excuse themselves. However, excessively late students will not be permitted restroom privileges. In addition only one student at a time will be allowed to go to the bathroom while class is in session. 

Ø      The teacher will make students aware of fire escapes and other crisis response services available in the classroom and school building. The teacher will also conduct classroom safety drills on a periodic basis in order to keep students well prepared for potential emergency situations. 

Ø      A daily schedule outlining when periods begin and end will be posted at the front of the classroom. Any changes that may occur due to school-wide assemblies, fire drills, state testing, morning weather delays, other activities or unforeseen events will be taken into account and the schedule adjusted appropriately. 

Ø      Student needs will be addressed and handled by the teacher, family, parent(s), or legal guardian(s) and school guidance counselor (equivalent paraprofessional) acting in collaboration and cooperation with one another. 

Ø      Students will take an active role in classroom maintenance, reordering the desks as necessary, returning books and or other instructional supplements, and cleaning the chalkboard. 

Classroom order and setting: 

Ø      The rules of the classroom are established by the teacher before the school year begins. However, suggestions from students in working cooperation with the teacher can and will adjust or modify any pre-established rule. 

Ø      All disciplinary procedures and consequences for breaking classroom rules will be handled in accordance with the teacher’s professional discretion. 

Ø      No classroom rule or disciplinary decision made by the teacher can override and or cancel district or school policy. 

Ø      Students will not be permitted to use their cell phones, head phones or other electronic devices that interfere with learning while in class. Any student found to be using such devices will receive a warning and be instructed to put it away. Should a second infraction occur the teacher will confiscate the device and have a conversation with the student after class.

Ø      For safety reasons students will not be permitted to congregate by the classroom exit door before the end of the period. 

Ø      Both the teacher and the students are entitled to feel physically and emotionally safe while in class. Therefore, disrespectful behavior including but not limited to: racial slurs, sexual harassment, offensive language, negative comments, antagonistic remarks, and violent action will not be tolerated. Violations of this rule will result in immediate and direct teacher intervention. 

Ø      Students found responsible for either a severe or continued breach of classroom rules, will receive a written notice that must be endorsed by a parent or legal guardian and returned within seven days time; extenuating circumstances not withstanding. In addition, upon the document’s return student must indicate how they intend to avoid similar problems in the future. Failure to comply with any guideline here mentioned will result in a personal call home to the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  

Ø      Classroom seating will be handled in accordance with the teacher’s discretion. 

Ø      Each student is responsible and will be held accountable for his or her own behavior in the classroom setting. 

Classroom instructional plan: 

Ø      Teaching mode: Instruction is a combination of lecture, discussion, independent work, small group work, and classroom-wide activities. Each new unit will be introduced by the teacher, who will present students with an outline indicating when each portion of the new material will be covered as well as upcoming assignments. 

Ø      Lessons will be presented through a variety of teaching strategies in order to provide for multiple intelligences and learning styles in the classroom. 

Ø      Materials: Both aural and visual modes of presentation will be exercised by the teacher in the classroom. 

Ø      Time: Reasonable time will be granted to students for in-class work and assignments. Should a student require additional time, he or she must speak with the teacher privately before class and make any and all necessary arrangements to finish the work promptly. 

Ø      Homework: All homework is recognized and must count for some part of a student’s grade. Homework is expected by the following class or other specified due date with a ten percent penalty for every additional day the homework is late. 

Ø      Student voice: The teacher will maintain a classroom suggestions box to entertain student ideas throughout the year 

Ø      Extra Credit: Students will be encouraged to engage in enrichment work, but cannot substitute that work for required assignments without teacher approval. Any points earned will be distributed evenly across the student’s other assignments. 

Ø      Special needs: The teacher will meet and work regularly with school support staff and personnel to better ensure students with special needs are receiving appropriate IEPs and learning modifications.

Ø      Cooperative learning: Students will be encouraged to work together on assignments identified as cooperative by the teacher. Cooperative learning formats will be used both on in-class exercises as well as projects and presentations. In addition to a group grade and assessment, each individual student will also be assessed and evaluated for their contribution to the final product. 

Ø      Diversity: Multiculturalism will be highlighted in class, through the use of reading selections, class activities, unit content, and overall room atmosphere. Diversity will be embraced at all times, provided it does not create serious classroom disruption or impractical procedure.