Best Sleeping Position To Lower Back Pain


The Best Sleeping Position To Lower Back Pain

Do you suffer from the issue of back pain? Due to our fast-paced life and irregular sleep patterns, one tends to develop back pain. The cure for the back pain is to opt for back sleeper pillow.  The lower back pain disrupts the daily routine. Prolonged back pain needs medical attention and ignorance of the issue can lead to the development of medical conditions such as cancer and arthritis. Often the back pain is also caused by stress or strain from bad posture, awkward sleeping positions and poor lifestyle habits.


To get rid of the lower back pain, one needs to opt for proper sleeping positions. A decent night’s sleep helps in doing away with the various types of pain. A good night’s sleep promotes good health and also improves overall wellness. Here is a list of the best sleeping positions that help in eliminating the lower back pain.

Top 5 sleeping positions to lower back pain

  1. Sleep on the side

Sleeping on the sides with a pillow between the knees helps in getting a good night’s sleep. If lying flat on the back makes you uncomfortable, then opt for the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper. To enable getting proper sleep at night make use of the following ways:

  • Allow your right and left shoulder to make contact with the mattress along with the rest of the side of the body
  • Place a pillow between the knees
  • If there’s a gap between the waist and the bed, then use a back pillow for added support.

Avoiding the use of a side pillow while sleeping causes the rise of issues like muscle imbalance and even might cause scoliosis. Using a pillow between the knees elevates the hips, pelvis and spine in a better alignment.

  1. Sleep on your side in the fetal position

Some people suffer from the issue of a herniated disc. The cure for the herniated disc is to opt for sleeping on the side in the curled fetal position. To properly sleep in the fetal position, follow these ways:

  • Lay on the back and roll over gently onto the side
  • Tuck the knees towards the chest and gently curl the torso towards the knees.
  • Remember to switch sides from time to time to prevent imbalance.

The discs are soft cushions between the vertebrae in the spine. The herniation happens when part of the drive pushes out of the common space and causes nerve pain, weakness and other issues. Curling the torso into a fetal position opens the space between the vertebrae. Using a back sleeper pillow in this position helps in providing better sleep.

  1. Sleep on the stomach with a pillow under the abdomen

Sleeping on the stomach causes back pain. The best way to cure the experienced back pain while relaxing on the stomach is by opting for a stomach sleeping pillow. Placing the pillow under the abdomen helps in reducing the exerted stress on the neck and also helps in avoiding the issue of degenerative disc disease.

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