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Year at a Glance for Math




1ST Nine Weeks

2nd Nine Weeks

3rd Nine Weeks

4th Nine Weeks

I. Place Value, Addition and Subtraction to One Million

A. Reading and Writing Numbers

B. Place Value, Value of Digit and Face Value

C. Estimate

D. Problem Solving

II. Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers

A. Multiple Representations of Multiplication of Whole Numbers

B. Recall Multiplication Facts 2-9

C. Multiplication Strategies

D. Relate Repeated Addition to Multiplication

E. Relate Repeated Subtraction to Division

F. Problem Solving

III. Multiply Multi-Digit Numbers

A. Multiplication

B. Real-World problem Solving

C. Properties of Multiplication

IV. Factors, Multiples, and Patterns

A. Multiples

B. Factors

V. Division

A. Division as Repeated Subtraction

B. Relating Multiplication and Division

C. Problem Solving: Draw a Picture and Write an Equation

D. Division

VI. Algebra: Expressions, Equations, and Patterns

A. Variables

B. Algebraic Expressions

C. Expressions with Two Operations

D. Repeating Patterns

VII. Fraction Composition, Equivalence and Comparison

A. Fractions

B. Fractions and Mixed Numbers on a Number Line

VIII. Decimals, Numerations and Equivalent Forms

A. Equivalent Forms

B. Comparing Fractions, Decimals, and Mixed Numbers

C. Problem Solving

IX. Understanding and Finding Area and Perimeter and Measuring Real-World Area Problems

A. Perimeter

B. Area of a Region/Shape

C. Area of Irregular Shapes

D. Using the Formula for Area

E. Comparing Rectangles

F. Appropriate Unit of Measurement for Area

G. Units of Area

H. Problem Solving

X. Explorations in Geometry

A. Identify Benchmark Angles

B. Classify and Compare Angles

C. Draw Angles

D. Angles and Turns

E. Problem Solving

XI. Shapes and Transformation

A. Reflection

B. Translation

C. Rotation

D. Symmetry

E. Geometric Patterns

F. Problem Solving

XII. Two- and Three-Dimensional Figures

A. Relate Two- and Three-dimensional Shapes

B. Problem Solving

XIII. FCAT 2.0 Review/Crunch Time

XIV. Relative Sizes of Measurement units

A. Customary Units

B. Line Plots

C. Metric units

D. Time

XV. Add and Subtract Fractions

A. Fractions

B. Mixed Numbers

XVI. Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers

A. Fractions and Mixed Numbers

XVII. Revisiting Division

A. Estimating Quotients

B. Division




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