Welcome Back Letter

Dear Parents,
       I would like to welcome you and your third grader to my classroom.  
I am very excited about teaching your child this year. I am looking forward 
to a successful 2017-2018 school year.  You will be amazed at the academic 
growth that your child will make this year.  There are many great things to learn 
in 3rd grade!  I will need your support to make this a positive experience 
for your child.  It is important for us to realize that children learn in 
different ways.  Therefore, there will be various levels of learning 
taking place in the classroom.  Please support your child's successes, at 
whatever level of learning they are on. Our curriculum in 3rd grade includes 
reading/language arts, math, science, and social studies.  
       Classwork/Homework are an important part of your child’s success in third 
grade, as it reinforces what he/she is learning at school as well as responsibility.  
Generally, your child’s homework will include reading and math each night.  

       The school day is from 7:50 to 2:10.  The tardy bell rings at 7:50.  
Your child needs to be in his/her seat at 7:50, READY to begin with 
instruction.  If your child is a car rider and is later than 7:50, you 
will need to bring your child to the office for a late slip.  When your child 
is absent please send a note of explanation when he/she returns to school.  
If you need to get your child out of school early you must sign them out in 
the office and they will be called for.  Students are NOT allowed to be 
dismissed from the classroom without prior notification from the office.  
       It is very important to notify us in WRITING if your child has a 
change in transportation.  Students will NOT be allowed to ride a different car 
or bus without WRITTEN PERMISSION.  Changes in transportation CANNOT be 
changed by email or text message.  This is for your child’s safety!
       Your child will be getting graded papers on Friday.  Please sign 
and return the folder indicating that you have seen and reviewed the papers 
with your child.  Failure to return them signed will result in your child 
losing 5 minutes of recess.  Please take note of the online newsletter for 
important reminders, information regarding upcoming topics of study, quiz dates, 
test dates, and student birthdays and accomplishments that are highlighted.
       If your child would like to have a water bottle, please have them 
bring a bottle with a lid.  Students may fill their water bottles with WATER 
ONLY, before school starts and at lunch time.  Please know that if this becomes 
a problem for your child, this privilege will be taken away.  Having a water 
bottle for after recess is strongly encouraged, as we do not have time to 
stop at the water fountain between blocks of instruction.

Students are allowed to eat snacks and chew gum through out the day 
as long as it does not interfere with learing or distract other students in the classroom.

CHEWING GUM IN SCHOOL RESEARCH:http://www.chewinggumfacts.com/chewing-gum-facts/chewing-gum-in-school/

        I know that this is a lot of information to take in.  Please feel 
free to send me an email at gina.gullo@cobbk12.org

       Thank you for entrusting me with your child.   I will do my best 
everyday to help your child succeed.  I am looking forward to a wonderful 
year together.
                                    Thank you,

                                        Gina Gullo