Ms. Hinton's Class


4th Grade Astronomy Project


Manit Day is October 6th

Your 4th graders have been hard at work on the class project for the 4th grade nautical navigation demonstration for the Manit Day celebration.  Leejack’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Keyly, have been instrumental, providing tools, knowledge, and direction for the navigation demonstration, but some of the groups have yet to complete their work.  Students are writing a skit for the demonstration, and each student will have a part to play.  Students will bring their role and dress examples home for you to review.  Final group projects for Manit Day must be completed by October 4th, and the class will be rehearsing their role in the navigation demonstration on the 5th.  With your help at home, students will be more confident the day of the event.  Students could use your help rehearsing lines and reviewing their costumes for the dress rehearsal before Manit Day.

School Advisory Board Needs Parents

This year's first School Advisory Board meeting is coming up, and the school could use a few good parents.  The Board meets monthly to discuss upcoming school functions, community involvement, and curricular direction.  This is a forum for parents to provide valuable input for the administration.  The first meeting of the school year is scheduled for October 11th at 5pm at the CAC building, room 304.  The first meet's agenda will begin with curriculum updates.  For questions, comments, or to become an active member, call Darla Hitchinson 5-2311.


Manit Day is a national holiday in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and GSE will be celebrating Manit Day with some help from Ra’katik families attending the school.  This year, the school will also visit the Marshallese cultural center for the celebration.  Ra’katik families will educate students about traditional Marshallese customs, traditions, and culture including such demonstrations as fire-starting, grass weaving, nautical navigation, sea-worthy canoes of the Marshall Islands, dress, food, dancing, music, and much more.  Parents and families are welcome to come celebrate the unique heritage of the Marshall Islanders with us.  The festivities will begin at 9am with fire-starting and continue through 3pm.  Marshallese food will be provided for lunch, courtesy of the School Advisory Board, Community Activities Department, and Ra’katik families.

Volunteers are also needed to prepare grasses for the student grass weaving  crafts, to decorate the staging area, cook, and facilitate demonstration stations.  Parents interested in attending must let me know by the 4th. 

Fostering a Love of Literature

The 4th grade class at GSE is fortunate to have parents like yourself that are actively involved in their child’s education.  Activities such as reviewing homework and reading together help to foster a life-long love of learning.  Here are some ideas you can implement at home to help your child appreciate reading:

1.  Concept Check.  After reading, ask questions about the story to see how well it was understood.  You may ask questions about the main characters, setting, twists in the plot, or even ask about details such as “how many games does Patty attend before she wants to play soccer?”  In doing so, you will encourage your 4th grader to develop essential listening skills.

2.  Imagination Activation.  You may also ask questions to place your child in the story and get those creative juices flowing.  Ask what they would do in certain situations.  How would they feel?  What would they say?

3.  Living Literature.  Bring an aspect of the story to life!  You may want to cook food that a character would enjoy, do a craft or art project highlighting an event in the story, or see living examples of some of the animals.  However you do it, your child will enjoy working together with you to recreate a soon-to-be favorite book.

Happy Birthday to Mylan, Cora, and Franklin!

Mylan Harper's birthday is October 17th!

Cora Nylan's birthday is October 23rd!

Franklin Patrick's birthday is October 25th!