Things To Do On Boring Days

Sitting at home bored during this time of pandemic?  Here is a list of activities you can do to keep yourself entertained:


1. Read a book

2. Bake cookies 

3. Write letters to friends

4. Build cushion castle or pillow fort

5. Write your own story

6. Create comic strips

7. Play an outside sport

8. Wash the car for mom and dad

9. Create a scavenger hunt

10. GoNoodle

11. Make an obstacle course

12. Re-organize your room

13. Put on a play

14. Have a puppet show

15.  Make play dough sculptures

16. Create a vision board

17. Chat with grandparent

18. Make a time capsule

19. Create a toothpick tower

20. Make slime

21. Write a letter to a soldier

22. Explore nature

23. Make up your own dance

24. Play Simon Says

25. Make macaroni jewelry

26. Put together puzzles

27. Have an indoor picnic

28. Make fruit kabobs

29. Create mural with sidewalk chalk

30. Make friendship bracelets

31. Play board games

32. Take silly pictures

33. Play a card game

34. Brain teasers, crosswords, word searches

35. Jump rope

36. Make ice cream sundaes

37. Make up a secret language

38. Fingerpaint

39. Run througha sprinkler

40. Give dog a bath

41. Search for 4-leaf clovers

42. Run relay races

43. Make up fun song about the family

44. Play tag

45.  Play hopscotch

46. Paint rocks

47. Put on Fashion Show

48. Help with chores

49. Play I-spy

50. Make origamis





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