Supply lists

All children are required to have these supplies on hand when they return to school and all of the days following. If your child/children need any of theses supplies throughout the school year, please make sure parents, to replenish them throughout the year. This list is printer friendly and reproducible. 

7 3 subject notebooks {any colors}

1 3 ring binder 

12 pk. No.2 pencils

1 pk. black ink pens

1 ruler

7 2 pocket folders {any color}

1 Elmer's school glue {White}

1 16 pk of Crayons

1 pk. Markers {fat, classic colors}

1 pk. of colored pencils

1 rolling backpack

1 lunch box

1 pk. sandwich bags

1 pencil case

1 assignment book {available for purchase at the school store in library}

1 case of watercolor paints