Information you need to know

Information you need to know:

Class meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10:00am – 1:00pm (you must be in class by 10:15 and stay until 1:00 to receive your Metro Card for the day).

  • If you must miss a class, please call the Library at 718-471-2573 to report your absence.
  • If you miss more than five classes in a row you must re-register.  Re-admittance is at Staff discretion.
  • Respect – we respect others by the way we speak.  Please refrain from cursing, and using vocabulary that negatively refers to others.
  • Cooperation in the class is expected at all times. 
  • Excessive talking disturbs other students.  Any student talking excessively will be moved to another seat or will be asked to leave for the day.