What's New in the First Grade

Wow!  It is 2010.  Where has the year gone?  We are busy working hard getting ready for second grade.  It will be here before you know it! This week we are busy doing all kinds of fun Valentine Activities.  Each of us has secretly picked a Secret Valentine. We are going to make a very special valentine for that person. It is hush, hush about who our Secret Valentines are --so we will all be surprised when we open our valentines next Friday February 12th   The special valentines are being made at home with a variety of materials.  We can’t wait to see them! The First Grade is going to be in the Trinity Musical. We have been practicing our dance steps and songs for weeks and weeks!  First through fifth grade will be performing Thursday Night Fever.  The performance is Thursday February 12 at 7:00.Make plans to be there. It will be a spectacular performance! Mardi Gras holidays will soon be here! After the holiday we will start a unit on Pockets. We will travel “down under” to Australia to learn all about the amazing animals called marsupials. We have written to our Pen Pals at St. Luke’s Episcopal Day School. We hope to hear back from them soon! Our Pen Pal Picnic will take place in May!  We will put a face to the names of our Pen Pal. We will write again soon!Hogs and kisses XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX