About Me

My name is Greg Sullivan and I teach 7th grade social studies. I also coach football, basketball and baseball. Before we talk about social studies, I think it is important to get to know me.  I chose teaching as a profession because I want to make a difference. Through teaching, and coaching, I am passionate about developing students/athletes so they can achieve success at their highest standard.  The follow is more insight as to why I teach and my perspective on teaching: 

The purpose of education, in my opinion, is to develop students that can think critically about the world around them. Thus, the goal is to create life-long learners. In order to do so, students will be debating, critiquing and analyzing. I will make sure to teach big-picture concepts when applicable. I will always take the stance that students are capable of engaging in high-level conversations and I will always differentiate my teaching based on the individual student. In this process, my goal is to develop reflective practitioners who are agents for social change. I will be sure to promote justice and equity in the classroom and encourage my students to create this change in the world around them. I will care for my students, and by promoting this virtue, my students will care for those around them. Finally, I will be sure to establish relationships with my students, learn about the experiences they bring to the classroom, and use this knowledge for further learning.