By now all students should be proficient in their times tables and know the rules to fractions:

Adding/subtracting fractions --> Find the common denominator and then just add or subtract the numerators.

Multplying fractions --> Just multiply across (top with top and bottom with bottom)

Dividing fractions --> Keep, change, flip. Keep the first fraction, change the division into a multiplcation, and then flip the second fraction and just multiply across.

Simplifyinf fractions --> How many times does the denominator fit into the numerator? And then how much do you have left over? Put the leftovers over the denominator and see if you can divide both numbers leaving a small whole number.

This week we will be working on equations. Chapter 1 in the book.


8/21/2012 Homework: p.6 from their Record and Practice Journal 1 - 9


Good luck students!!