Glacier Singleton's Page

Personal Professional Mission Statement 

Educating students is my passion.  I desire not only to prepare my students for the next grade level but also to help prepare them to be active learners in the 21st century.  I will continually strive not only to be a leader in my classroom, but also in my school.  Demonstrating leadership will enhance the manner in which I educate my students.

To achieve the level of leadership required to meet the needs of all my students and prepare them for 21st century learning, I must set goals for myself and assist my students in setting goals for myself (Goals include incorporating student use of technology daily, using various types of assessments, and incorporating cultural diversity in my class).  I must work collaboratively with other teachers, share ideas and push myself to think outside the box.  I WILL NOT be afraid to pioneer new initiatives set forth by the county board of education and share the results with teachers and administrators.


Background Information

My name is Glacier Singleton.  I graduated from East Carolina University in 1998 with a degree in Elementary Education.  I also obtained a reading certification and can teach reading  K-12.  I am currently working on my Master's degree in reading education.

Educational Career

In the fall of 1998, I began my first year of teaching.  I taught 5th grade in Kinston, NC.  The 1999-2000 school year, I obtained a teaching job at my former elementary school.  I was hired to teach 3rd grade at Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary in Vanceboro, NC and continue to teach third grade there.

Educational Duties

The educational duties that I perform exceeds being a classroom teacher.  I am a member of the instructional consultative team.  This team assist teachers in implementing research-based strategies.  My duties also include being a member of a goal team.  The goal team that I currently serve on is the reading goal team.  This team monitors the reading progress of each grade level in our school.