Homework Expectations

4th Grade Homework Expectations

Expectations for Student, Parent and Teacher

1) Homework is a home and school process.  Both the family and the school will work together to enhance student learning. The quality of school success for students is largely determined by the active engagement, encouragement and support provided in the home. Research points out that the home environment and the quality of positive parent participation are directly related to school success.

2) Homework will be purposeful and seen as part of the students' continuous learning process.  Homework may provide opportunities for:

  • completion of work begun in class;
  • preparation for upcoming classroom instruction
  • independent practice - the opportunity to practice learned skills with adult support

3)  Homework is a process to learn responsibility. It is the mutual responsibility and partnership of the student and teacher to understand the assignment.  I will assign homework that is appropriate for the child's age and learning. Parents are asked to assist in monitoring the student's time spent on homework.

Student responsibilities:

  • To ask questions for understanding;
  • To keep track of assignments in an agenda book
  • To take necessary materials home and return the next day (i.e. books, paper, assignment, pad, pencil);
  • To give best effort; work should be neat, clean, organized and in correct form;
  • To complete assigned work;
  • To prepare for a test when applicable;
  • To prepare for long-term projects when applicable;
  • To be able to explain the assignment and share finished work with an adult;
  • To have work completed and returned by the set deadline

Teacher's Responsibilities:

  • To be sure that homework is a properly planned part of the curriculum, extending and reinforcing classroom learning and experiences;
  • To help develop the student's responsibility by providing an opportunity for the exercise of independent work and judgment;
  • To base the number, frequency and degree of difficulty of homework assignments on the abilities, activities and needs of the student;
  • To ensure that homework is a valid educational tool by clearly assigning and carefully evaluating it on a timely basis;
  • To assign homework in ways that ensure student understanding of expectations;
  • To provide learning opportunities for student skill development (such as test preparation, research and organizational skills);
  • To communicate expectations and concerns with the family.

Adult Family Responsibilities:

  • To participate in establishing a relationship between home and school;
  • To provide a good homework environment, including a quiet work space, proper lighting, a specific time and necessary school supplies;
  • To help a child with homework assignments, such as math or spelling problems, offer guidance with research and assist them on a project;
  • To provide help as needed, but also be sure that the work is completed by the child, not the parent or sibling;
  • To check a child's work to ensure the assignments are ready to be sent to school;
  • To demonstrate an interest in the child's work and offer praise and encouragement; 
  • To be supportive of the teachers and the assignments, but also be responsive to the child's concerns or confusion about the assignments;
  • To communicate any concerns with the teacher.

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