Mr. Caminiti - Algebra I

Hey everyone!

Mr. Caminiti here.  All of us in the Ninth Grade Academy (NGA) are very excited about the upcoming school-year!

As a reminder, each NGA team has posted a supply list for students on their websites (i.e. -   As a global teacher, I will be having students from the Red, Blue, White, AND Silver NGA teams.  While the lists for each team are very similar, there are some slight differences.

For the sake of consistency amongst my students, I am making an addendum to the supply listThese Items may or may not already be asked for in the student's NGA team supply list. 

All of my students will need to bring:

  • Seven pocket dividers for a 3-ring binder
  • Graphing Paper
  • A 12-inch ruler
  • A scientific calculator

Note:  If you or your child is planning on taking more advanced mathematics, physics, or engineering courses later on in high-school or college, you may want to consider investing in a calculator with graphing capabilities (At McGavock, we will be using the Texas Instruments TI-84).  While this is recommended, it is absolutely not required.


I'm really looking forward to our year together,

Mr. Caminiti