Mrs. Warren's 6th grade Social Studies


Units of study:

  • What is Social Studies?
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Canada
  • 20th Century

An overview from the Sixth Grade Social Studies Standards of Excellence:

Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada, Europe, and Australia Sixth grade is the first year of a two-year World Area Studies course. Sixth grade students study Latin America, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The goal of this two-year course is to acquaint middle school students with the world in which they live. The geography domain includes both physical and human geography. The intent of the geography domain is for students to begin to grasp the importance geography plays in their everyday lives. The government/civics domain focuses on selected types of government found in the various areas so that students begin to understand the variety of governments in the world. The economics domain builds on the K-5 economics standards; however, the focus shifts from the United States to how other countries answer the basic questions of economics. The history domain focuses on major events in each region during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.



  • 20% classwork/homework
  • 25% Interactive Notebook (IAN)
  • 45% tests/major projects
  • 10% 9 weeks exam


What are IANs?

  • IAN stands for InterActive Notebook
  • IAN is the composition book that students will use for all of their Social Studies classwork – notes, vocabulary, maps, assignments, etc. 
  • It will serve as both a study aid and portfolio of student work.
  • Essentially, we are creating our own personal textbooks.
  • It is very important that students keep up with their IANs!


What should I be seeing at home?

  • Students might need to finish work not completed in class or complete review activities. I always tell students well in advance of test dates what they should review. You should see your student reviewing for tests over several nights.
  • Graded assignments and tests are returned to students and should be in their green folders.  Ask students to show you their work!


Ways to keep up-to-date on assignments, tests, and what we are studying:


Ways to contact Mrs. Warren: