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20th Century Test 

Quizlet -

Blooket Tower Defense -

Blooket Cafe -

Blooket Factory -

Blooket Crazy Kingdom -

Blooket Tower of Doom -



 Canada: The Land - password: erupt


Quebec's Independence Movement PowerPoint

Canada Quizlet -

Canada Tower  Defense -

Canada Cafe -

Canada Factory -

Canada Crazy Kingdom -

Canada Tower of Doom -





European Union Links:

*The videos we watched in class are on youtube and can't be pulled up at school on the chromebooks, but here are 2 other videos that might be helpful.


Videos from class: - what is the European Union from BBC Newsbeat - Is the European Union Worth it or Should We End it? - In a nutshell - The Brexit Debate explained in 2 minutes (Remember this is an older video and the UK has voted to leave the EU)





Latitude and Longitude Game

Compass Rose Game

Australia Quiz Game



Continents and Oceans Game





 Canada: The Land


Quebec's Independence Movement PowerPoint


Cuba Test

  • Blooket now provides links instead of codes.  Click the link to play the game.

Tower Defense  -

Cafe -

Factory -

Crazy Kingdom -

Tower of Doom -


General Class Resources - To find the study sets for our class, search rameywarren and then click on my name.  Then you can select the current topic from all of the study sets for our class.

Microsoft Office 365 - Microsoft Office 365 access for all GLMS students. Login:

Password is your lunch number.   

Nonfiction Ebooks that connect to class standards.