John Wilson Intermediate School 211

“The Pride and Joy of Canarsie”

Ms. Buffie Simmons, Principal


September 8, 2010


Dear Parents/Guardians of Class 734:


My name is Mr. Marshall. I am your child’s homeroom teacher and subject teacher for Math and Science. I will be partnered with Ms. Graham-Welch who will teach English language Arts and Social Studies to the students of class 734. Welcome to another school year. Rest assured that I will give 110% of my capabilities as a teacher to ensure that your child has a positive and rewarding experience. I eagerly look forward to this school year. I expect all students to come to class on time, be well rested, prepared to work, and full of a positive attitude and confidence in their abilities. I am prepared to assist in any way to ensure my expectations are met.

We are a part of the Business and Community Relations Academy of John Wilson IS211. Assisting me in the classroom will be my classroom paraprofessional Ms. Cummings. She is an experienced and capable Teacher Assistant and we will work collaboratively to provide the best instruction and one-on-one attention to your child as needed.

Most importantly, I need your help. Parent-Teacher communication is an extremely important aspect of your child’s learning journey. Concerned, involved, and engaged parents make the difference between success and failure of their children. I guarantee you that if you get involved, your child will do extremely well this schools year. I can’t do it alone. You can’t do it alone. We must do it together.

In order for us to get off to a great start, students are required to bring the items listed under “Supplies” to school. Just as a carpenter needs tools to build a house, students need their tools to build an education. My goal is for all supplies to be obtained no later than Monday, September 20, 2010. As a kind reminder, the school does have a uniform policy per Chancellor’s Regulations. The colors for the Business Academy are white shirt and navy pants.

In closing, I look forward to meeting with you personally and that I will always make myself available to you.




                                                                                    Mr. G. Marshall