Properties of valerian essential oil

The essential oil of pure valerian root helps to fight various ailments, from stomach and digestive disorders, helping to detoxify the whole organism, as well as to improve sleep and prevent insomnia. In addition, valerian is effective in treating skin diseases and has antibacterial properties that will help disinfect minor wounds.

 Valerian to sleep better

Valerian oil has been used since ancient times to treat problems related to insomnia and to improve sleep. In cases of difficulty falling asleep, usually add a few drops of valerian oil in a handkerchief and put it on the pillow or near the bed to notice the relaxing properties of valerian essential oil. Valerian helps regulate hormones, helping the body maintain sleep cycles in their natural state, without time lags. In addition, valerian oil is relaxing, helping to get rid of the accumulated stress throughout the day and, in general, of all situations that cause stress and anxiety, significantly improving the mood.

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Valerian oil for skin

Valerian essential oil helps maintain healthy skin, being a perfect complement to take care of your skin. You can mix a few drops of valerian oil along with the usual skin protector or moisturizer to maintain a healthy skin free of wrinkles and blemishes. Also, mixed with another vegetable oil such as argan or coconut oil, we will keep the skin hydrated and firm. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of valerian, we can control inflammations and infections, distancing bacteria and viruses from wounds, noting an improvement of the wound in a short time.

Uses of valerian oil

Valerian has toning properties that can help improve blood circulation in the area in which it is applied. Therefore, you can apply valerian oil in the form of massage to prevent cellulite, fluid retention or to prevent pain. 1ml of valerian essential oil is mixed in 10ml of vegetable oil and the area is massaged. It can also be effective for the circulation of the feet and eliminate the aches and symptoms of tired feet. A bath is made, submerging the feet in warm water and a few drops of valerian oil are added. If we want to improve the results, we can massage the feet to help valerian improve circulation in the feet.

 For problems of insomnia, anxiety or fatigue you can put in a handkerchief or rag a few drops of essential oil to inhale or leave the handkerchief on the bed to notice the effects of valerian on the bed. Another very effective way to receive the relaxing properties of valerian essential oil is to use a diffuser and let it diffuse the aroma of valerian throughout the room.

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 Obtaining valerian essential oil

Valerian essential oil is obtained from the plant Valeriana officinalis or better known as common valerian. This plant, of Asian and European origin, can reach 1 meter in height and stands out for its white-pink flowers that are located on the top of the stem in the form of bunches. It has been known for hundreds of years, often used for its perfume and its therapeutic properties, using the root, leaves and stems to obtain all its properties.