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SLA Practice Link:



Links for Ukraine

Kids Ukraine links
Ukraine information
Ukraine links to food, songs and games
Mapping and social concepts


Links for Testing Materials and Designs / Building - Science

On line materials lab
Characteristics of materials
Strange Matter
Build a boat
Materials Then and Now

Building with a Variety of Materials
Building links
Building a tipi
Scientist  discusses strange matters
Great buildings in the world
Structures around the world
Amazing Structures
Bridges and trusses

Links for Peru


Links for Researching India:


Reading A to Z (Razkids!)


1.  Links to activities and information about rocks and minerals:

2.  Discover how the 3 types of rocks are formed:

3.  The Classic Starfall for educational games and lessons:

4.  Rosetta Stone

5. Games and Activities for all subjects from England:

6.  Challenge your spelling skills:


7.  These language activities are silly, but useful:

8.  More educational games:

9.  And even more:

10.  Sight Words (need to be able to spell) Activities

11.  Extra Learning chances from an online teacher and his videos, about any subject, any grade!

12.  Cute!

13.  Spelling Fun!

14.  Math, Language Arts Activities


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: