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Dance Mat Typing

Pattern Detectives - Go to Audio Lesson Alien Addition
Coins for CandyPaul Pattern - play 2 times Minus Mission
Money to Build a Robot - Play 3 timesMoon Rock Patterns - 10 levels Connect the Dots by 2s
I Am SpecialName That Number Meteor Multiplication
 Starfall Level A  
Odd and Even Coloring The Four Seasons 
Odd and Even Spring Rain Matching 
  Spring Creatures Matching 
  Spring Matching 
  Garden Seek and Find 
   Pond Seek and Find 
Super Hyper Spider

Dance Mat Typing

 Connect the Dots by 3s
Alpha Munchies TypingAddition Bingo Connect the Dots by 5s and 10s
Add and SubtractDude's Dilemma Place Value Mystery 
Subtraction FirefliesAround the World in 80 Seconds Come to Order
Flower Power Addition & SubtractionWord Problems with Katie    
Subtract to CompareGrand Slam Math - Word Problems          
Seashell SearchMath Facts Basketball 
Number Line Addition  
Compare ModelsLength & Strength: Paper Clips 
Solid Figures and Plane Shapes Length & Strength: Inches 
 Length & Strength: Centimeters  
 Brain Pop Odd and Even I Am Special 
 Which is Heavier?  
 Ounces or Pounds 
 Tile the Floor 
 Addition is Fun! 
 Maps - Where is Japan? 
 Learn About The Fifty States  
 50 States Tutorial 
  50 States Level 1 
 50 States Level 2 
 50 States Level 3 
 50 States Level 4 
 50 States Level 5 
  Sun Rise, Sun Set 
  As the Earth Turns 
  Packing for the Park 
  Mr. Mumble 
  Geo Cleo 
  Healthy Eating 


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