Computers and Information Technology

Computers and Information Technology       

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 Computer Hardware

The Internet 

 The World Wide Web

 Internet Safety


 Searching the Web
 Productivity Software Scratch 

 The Computer History Museum 


 Circles and Squares Scratch Home Page Scratch Ed

Computer Hardware 

 Computer Literacy - Ignore the Ad, scroll down the page  

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 Networks and The Internet

 Intro to Networks

 Introduction to the Internet I

 Kid's Corner - What's the Internet

 Packetville - Packet Riders

 Internet Tutorial

 For Kids: How Does the Internet Work?

 How Does the Internet Work?

 How Internet Infrastructure Works

 Internet Basics

 Cable Modems and Wireless Routers

 Learn The Net

 Internet for Kids

 Creating a Simple Home Network

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The World Wide Web

Answers for Young People from Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web

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 Internet Safety  

 FBI Online Safety Tips for Kids

BrainPop - Online Safety

Brain Pop Jr. - Internet Safety

 Safety Song

NetSmartz Videos

Faux Paw the Techno Cat

 Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

Best Practices for Kids Online

Stay Safe Online

 Brain Pop Jr. - Internet Safety Quiz

Brain Pop - Online Safety Quiz 

Safe Kids Quiz

 NetSmartz Games

Safety Land Game 

Internet Safety Game

 Shrink the Cyberbully

Faux Paw Games

More McGruff Games

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Scratch Ed


Scratch Wiki

Scratch Video Tutorials

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 Searching the Web

Ask Jeeves for Kids Kids ithaki net
Google Guide - cheat sheet for teens The Boolean Machine  Boolify - efficient searching
Google Guide - beginners Google Guide - Experienced Users Google Tutorial

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 Productivity Software

 Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks