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Reading and Language Arts

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 1st Grade

Long VowelsShort Vowel Words  Long Vowel Sounds e, u
Alphabet ActionLetter Match Alphabet Flash Cards
High Frequency WordsLong Vowel Sounds a, i, o Long Vowel Words
Rhyming Word MatchHigh Frequency Words II Name the Picture

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 3rd Grade

 Mrs. Gebauer's Word Work  

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ABC Match

Alpha Bears - Alphabetical Order from Earobics

Kangaroo Confusion - Match Capital and Small Letters from Earobics

Sassy Seal - Beginning and Ending Sounds from Earobics

Tina's World - Buggy Trails - Following Directions from Earobics

Tina's World - Real or Make Believe  from Earobics

Alien Scavenger Hunt - Phonemic Awareness & Spelling from Earobics

Alien Scavenger Hunt II - Phonemic Awareness & Spelling from Earobics

Monkey Business - Sentence Order from Earobics

Fearless Frieda, The Big Kahuna  - Spelling from Earobics

Fearless Frieda, Skillful Skateboarding - Spelling from Earobics

Coconut Vowels - Spelling

Grammaropolis - Parts of Speech

Antonyms, Homonyms, Synonyms

Squanky the Tooth Taker - Antonyms (Opposites) from Earobics

Squanky the Tooth Taker - Synonyms from Earobics

Word Invasion - Part of Speech

Wizards and Pigs - Rhythm, Rhyme, Alliteration

Text Twist