5th Grade

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 National Geographic Kids - Argentina 
 Network Tutorial 
 Brain Pop Internet Tutorial 
 OnlineSafety - Brain Pop 
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 Informational Websites Activities 
 EcoKids Beaver Adaptation
  Animal Adaptations
  Arctic Adaptation Quiz
  Interdependence and Adaptation


Informational Websites                                             Activities 
 Ecology - Kid's Corner Climate Change Hang Man
 Kids R Green On the Trail of the Missing Ozone Comic Book
 Kids for Future EPA Kids Page
 Environmental Education for Kids Recycle City
 Ecology Kids When Greenville Turned Brown
 Kids Do Ecology Kids R Green
 Kids Recycle Page EcoKids
 Kids Ecology Corps Secrets at Sea
 Kids Online Resources - Ecology Kids Planet - Games
 Kids Planet Just for Kids from U of I
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 Instructional Videos - Khan Academy           Instructional Websites        Activities 
 Numerator and Denominator of Fractions       Fractions by Zeebo Melvin's Make a Match
 Identifying Fraction Parts  Fresh Baked Fractions
 Proper and Improper Fractions  Action Fraction
 Mixed Number to Improper Fraction  Ratio Blaster
 Improper Fraction to Mixed Number Virtual Manipulatives Ratio Martian
 Recognizing Divisibility Fraction Bars Fraction Splat
 Finding Factors of a Number Fraction Pieces Fractone
 Prime Factorization  Factor Tree 
 Equivalent Fractions Fractions - Adding 
 Fractions in Lowest Terms Fractions - Comparing 
 Comparing Fractions Fractions - Equivalent 
 Comparing Fractions 2 Fractions - Naming 
 Adding Fractions - Like Denominators Fractions - Parts of Wholes 
 Adding Fractions - Unlike Denominators Fractions - Rectangle Multiplication 
 Adding Mixed Numbers Fractions - Visualizing 
 Adding Mixed Numbers - Unlike Denominators  
 Adding Mixed Numbers - Word Problem  
 Subtracting Fractions  
 Subtracting Mixed Numbers  
 Subtracting Mixed Numbers 2  
 Subtracting Mixed Numbers - Word Problem  
 Multiplying Fractions  
 Multiplying Mixed Numbers  
 Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers  
 Multiplying Fractions - Word Problem  
 Reciprocal of a Mixed Number  
 Dividing Fractions  
 Dividing Mixed Numbers  
 Dividing Mixed Numbers and Fractions  
 Dividing Fractions Word Problems   
 Instructional Videos - Math Playground  
 Adding Fractions  
 Reducing Fractions  
 Divide Fractions  
 Find a Fraction of a Number   
 Compare and Order Fractions  
 GCF and LCM  
 Word Problem - GCF  

 Instructional Video - Scholastic

 Introduction to Fractions  
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