6th Grade

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Computers and Information TechnologySocial Studies  Science

All Subjects - World Book Encyclopedia 

Runaway Robot


Computers and Information Technology

Network Tutorial and Quiz  Computers and the Internet - Brain Pop BrainPop Information Privacy
Digital Etiquette - Brain Pop Cyberbullying - Brain Pop 
Real Life Stories McGruff Internet Safety Games Safety Land
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 Social Studies

Informational Websites  
Ancient History for Kids at Kidipede Ancient Web
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for Kids 
Ancient Egypt Ancient Latin America
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 Ancient Egypt

 Ancient Egypt - the British Museum                                          Ancient Egypt Jigsaw Game
 The Ancient Egypt Site Egyptian Tomb Adventure
 Ancient History for Kids - Egypt Explore Egyptian Mummies
 Discovering Ancient Egypt Investigate Egyptian Artifacts
 Ancient Egypt for Kids Aton-Ra, the Lost Statue
 Birmingham Museum - Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphs
 Museum of Science - Ancient Egypt Mummy Maker
 King Tut One Making a Mummy
 Cyber Mummy 
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 Ancient Latin America  

 The Olmecs Teotihuacan The Zapotecs
 The Totonacs The Maya The Toltecs
 The Aztecs The Chavin Paracas & Nazca
 The Moche The Incas The Taino
 The Siboney Mesoamerican Timeline 
  Map of Ancient Mesoamerica   

The Maya

 The Sport of Life and Death: The Mesoamerican Ballgame The Mayan Gods The Mayan Calendar
 Maya Adventure Maya Vocabulary Chichen Itza
 Pyramid Cities The Maya Astronomy Page Mayan Math
 Great Maya Site The Mayans at KidsPast.com The Mayas
 The Rise and Fall of the Maya Empire Mundo Maya Ancient Mexico
 Ancient Mexico  Journey Through Tikal in Guatemala The Mayan Calendar
 Mayan Writing Systems Maya Blog: A Weblog on the Ancient Maya Script Proyecto San Bartolo
 Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies Mesoweb: An Exploration of Mesoamerican Cultures FAMSI en Espanol
 Introduction to Mayan Hieroglyphs Daily Life in the Mayan Empire Mayan Kids
 Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya Civilizations in America: The Mayas Chocolate
 Mexconnect: The Maya Maya: Children of the Corn Collapse: The Maya
 Mysteries of the Maya The Ball Court at Chichen Itza Ancient Mayan History 
 Map of Major Mayan Cities Traditions of the Sun: The Yucatan 

   The Aztecs

 The Conquest of Mexico Historical Documents from the Aztecs The Aztec Empire
 Aztecs: Fierce Wanderers Who Were the Aztecs? Aztec History
 The Aztecs at KidsPast.com Minnesota State University: The Aztecs The Aztecs
 The Aztecs from Snaith Primary School The Aztecs at Mexicolore Aztec-Indians
 Aztec Farming and Agriculture All About History: Aztec Civilization Catch-A-Snake
 Thinkquest: The Ancient Aztecs Civilizations in America: The Aztec Aztec Architecture
 Latin American Studies: The Aztecs Aztec Cities and Architecture Aztec.com
 Investigating Chinampa Farming Aztec Civilization 

 The Inca

 The Inca Culture Inca Religion Inca  History
 More Inca Religion The Incredible Incas Machu Picchu
 More Machu Picchu  
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NASA's StarchildStarchild Solar System Level 2 Nine 8 Planets
Brain Pop -  SpaceSolar System - Kids ScienceAstronomy for Kids 
Nine 8 Planets for Kids 
NASA's AstroventureNASA's Space Place for Kids  
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