3rd Grade

 3rd Grade

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Runaway Robot  

 Goodwin Goes Global - Canada Links

 National Geographic Kids - Canada  
 Puzzle Maker Shape Poems 
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 The Solar System Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
 Multiplication  Data Analysis Place Value
 The Solar System - Brain Pop Jr  NASA Starchild Solar System - Kids Science
 Astronomy for Kids NASA eClips - Our World Solar System Quiz Game
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Instructional Videos - Addition and Subtraction                            

Virtual Manipulatives Addition and Subtraction - make sure to read instructions

Activities - Addition and Subtraction
Commutative Property of AdditionAddition using base ten blocks                                Alien Addition 
Associative Property of Addition Subtraction using base ten blocks Minus Mission

Adding Whole Numbers

Subtraction using color chips 2-Digit Subtraction with regrouping
SubtractionNumber Line Arithmetic Fridge Magnet Subtraction
Subtraction with RegroupingFridge  Magnet Addition
Rounding from BrainPop Jr.Lessons and ActivitiesNumber Line Bounce (addition and subtraction game) - read the instructions
Rounding Number Sentence Excercises
Addition Using Estimation Glowla's Estimation Contraption
 Subtraction Using Estimation Rounding to the Nearest Ten
 Solving Word Problems Rounding to the Nearest Hundred
 Rounding to the Nearest Thousand
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 Word ProblemVideosWord Problem LessonsWord Problem Activities
 Thinking BlocksPart-Whole with Two PartsOperation Snowman
 Word Problem VideosPart-Whole with Three PartsWord Problems! 
 Compare Two Amounts - One Step

Word Problems with Katie

 Compare Two Amounts - Two StepsGrand Slam Math
 Change - Two StepsHoops Math
 Compare Three Amounts - Multi StepOperation Blustery Day
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Instructional Videos - Multiplication           Virtual Manipulatives Multiplication Activities
 Basic Multiplication Rectangle MultiplicationZoo Fun
 The Multiplication Tables Multiplication TableDog Arrays
 10, 11 and 12 Times Tables Space Arrays
 2- digit numbers times 1- digit numbers Baseball Multiplication
 2- digit numbers times 2- digit numbers Math Facts Basketball
 Multiple digit numbers Multiplication Bingo 
 Lattice Multiplication Math Match
 Understanding Lattice Multiplication Around the World in 80 Seconds  
 Commutative Law of Multiplication  Multiplication Mystery
 Associative Law of Multiplication Fly a Kite  
  Sum  Sense Multiplication
 Meaning of Multiplication Fact Families
 Multiplication Facts Through 10  
 Model 2-digit by 1-digit Multiplication  
 School House Rock - Three is A Magic Number  
 School House Rock - The Four Legged Zoo  
 School House Rock - Ready or Not, Here I Come - 5s  
 School House Rock - I've Got Six  
 School House Rock - Lucky Seven  
 School House Rock - Figure Eight  
 School House Rock - Naughty Number Nine  
 School House Rock - My Hero Zero  
 School House Rock - The Good Eleven  
 School House Rock - Twelve Toes  
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  Place Value

 Instructional Videos Practice Activities
 Place Value 1 2 Digit Place Value Shark Numbers 1
 Place Value 2 What is the Place Value Shark Numbers 2
 Place Value 3 Finding Place Value Place Value Pool
 Place Value  with good examples! Place Value From Words Place Value Puzzler
  Place Value by Adding Place Value Fireworks
  Finding Place Values Collect the Ducks
  Place a  Number on the Number Line Collect the Ships
  Identify the Digit Jumble Digits
  Identify the Place of a Digit Place Value Lab
  Identify the Value of a Digit  Place Value Mystery
  Convert from Words to Numbers Hot Air Balloons
  Convert from Numbers to Words Expanded Form
  Convert from Expanded Form to Number Form Jungle Animal Weights
  Convert from Number Form to Expanded Form Group the Blocks
  Type the Number 
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  Clock Wise 
  Clock Arithmetic 
  Elapsed Time 
  Elapsed Time Two 
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  Data Analysis 

  Bar Chart Let's Graph Tally Tables
  Histogram Bugs in the System
  Pie Chart  
 Bar Graph - Hard 
 Graph Quiz 
 Create a Graph 
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