Interactive Online Trainings 

Interactive Online Training is one of the fastest growing trends in business training these days. It can be applied to just about every type of business and industry. While a classroom-based training program still has many positive benefits, it simply cannot be matched for sheer convenience and speed. Here are the top five reasons that you should definitely consider switching to an interactive online training program for your workforce today:

o Accelerates Learning. The interaction between students and trainers in an interactive online training course is more intense than the one-on-one training courses that are commonly used. Students are more engaged and, therefore, take part in the training courses more actively. This way, they can retain more information and learn at a faster pace. The overall result is a boost in learning effectiveness and, consequently, increased job performance.

o Increases Safety Training. When people get involved in classroom-based training courses, they are more likely to miss out on important safety information or instruction. This makes it harder for them to safely operate machinery or to perform their jobs, such as using saws or other tools. By providing online training courses, employers can get rid of this "lost" instruction and get back what students missed out on.

o Increases Job Performance. Online safety training content may not be as "hands-on" as classroom-based training, but it can still be highly relevant. Online videos offer a great way for employers to give their workforce video training on a variety of topics. This includes topics that can involve cutting through fire hazards, avoiding bodily injuries, making safely locked cabinets, or more. Through online training, employers can provide their employees with the skills they need to safely complete these tasks. They can also do this through interactive online training courses that incorporate video streaming.

o 5 Tips for Interoperability. Just like everything else, there are many ways that an online course can fail your company. One of those ways is because it does not fully utilize the full capabilities of the web. There are plenty of things that an online training course can offer, but many are ignored by most websites. In fact, many websites don't offer any interactive online training content whatsoever. When you combine that with not being able to get real-time feedback from your employees (through email, forums, etc.)

This leads to one of the biggest online training trends right now: incorporating online training content with video streaming. Most corporate elearning trends have come to embrace video as one of the best ways to provide employees with real-time feedback. Employees appreciate being able to watch a live demonstration or video slide show and then respond via email, chat, or voice calls. In addition to providing this live feedback, corporate elearning courses should also include a way for employees to access learning materials outside of the classroom. This means that they should be able to go online to find the latest news articles, press releases, new product information, and more. By incorporating these two components, you are ensuring that your employees always have the most up-to-date information, allowing them to work better and more efficiently.

o Personalized Online Training. In the past, training programs were one-size-fits-all, but with corporate elearning trends moving toward microlearning, this is not the case anymore. In microlearning, an individual is given very specific, well-designed lessons based on their particular needs. This means that individuals can choose a lesson that fits their needs, allowing them to move ahead at their own pace and develop their skills accordingly.

These are just a few of the many Interactive Online Training (IET) trends currently being utilized by companies throughout the United States. Interactive Online Training has helped to reduce employee turnover, help develop team spirit, and enable employees to benefit from new technologies without having to learn them firsthand. Now that you know a little more about the latest corporate elearning trends, you may want to think about implementing some of these new techniques into your company. With the right training, you can ensure that your employees are trained to their maximum capacity!