Letter to Parents

Dear Parent or Guardian,

My name is Kaitlin Gossard, and I am writing to inform you that I will be a student teacher in your son/daughter’s math class this semester.  I am a student from Marietta College’s education department, majoring in mathematics.  I will be a part of your son/daughter’s class from now until May 1.  I will spend my first few weeks at Fort Frye High School observing and participating in the routines of your son/ daughter’s class, and will be working under the close supervision of Mrs. Sleek.  She will be present for the teaching that I do in her class, and will been aiding me with numerous other teaching activities, including planning. 

My prior teaching experience includes field experiences through the Marietta College Education Department at Parkersburg Catholic High School, Marietta Middle School, the Washington County Juvenile Center, and Barlow-Vincent Elementary School.  In addition, I have been providing after-school tutoring for the past three years to several students from different school systems.

I have a website available to you and the students where I will post homework assignments and notes in case your son/daughter is absent or may have missed anything in class.  Your son/daughter’s grades will continue to be posted on ProgressBook.  If you have any questions at all, feel free to e-mail me at kmg001@marietta.edu.

Thank you, 

Kaitlin Gossard