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4th grade

10/21/19 Classwork for class 4-301 click on this link to access the folder and information to complete your classwork: Lesson 3.2

Open the document titled "4-301 Lesson 3.2 Task" and follow directions.


10/8/19 Class 4-322 and Class 4-320 (due 10/15/19)

Use the Energy Forms Conversion modeling tool (2.2) in the Amplify Apps to model energy input and output of different converters (to review instructions, click on "instructions" on the upper left of the modeling tool. 

In your notebook write/diagram/explain the input and output energy from at least 2 different energy converters.

To access the modeling tool: (apps.learning.amplify; user name: NYC4; password: science) click on "Science Practice Tools, 1"



What We're Working On Using Our Amplify Science Tools

Energy Conversions: Blackout in Ergstown

Students take on the role of systems engineers for Ergstown, a fictional town that experiences frequent blackouts, and explore reasons why an electrical system may fail. They obtain information from science books and system models to learn about types of energy, energy sources, energy transfer, and energy conversion. They define engineering problems related to the town’s electrical system and design wind turbines using what they have learned about energy and matter.


Get 2 Months for $5!