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Is Wearing a Wooden Watch a Cool Idea?

In the times of smart phones and apparels technology, wristwatches have taken a bit of a backseat with reference to being an essential part of men’s accessories. However, when it comes to status symbols and being able to add a bit of class to any of your outfits, traditional watches are still very much the go-to accessory to reach that goal.

Watches are still produces in the masses and are available in any kind or format: digital ones and analogs, ranging in price from rather cheap to extremely expensive. Think of brands like Tag Heuer for example. This wide range of watches is produced from an equally wide range of materials, metal, plastic, TPU, titanium, or wood. It is the latter that is making things interesting as of late, as wood watches have become hugely popular and rightfully so. They are available for very attractive price points and make for a great looking attire to your outfit.

So what exactly does make wood watches so interesting and so popular? Let’s dive in a little bit and list the reasons why customers choose a wood watch over a traditional one.

Reasons to purchase Wooden Watches

  1. Natural resources. Watches made with wood as a natural resource is the number 1 reason why customers choose for this type of watch over a traditional one. The fact that less plastics need to be produced and hence can end up in the environment is a convincing reason to choose for a watch made with natural resources. Though a watch does compose of other parts, such as metal it wouldn’t fully naturally decompose, but it sure would to a better job than a plastic alternative.
  2. Feels warm to the skin and is light in weight. Wood is warm, Mother Nature feels warm to the skin. Where metal clasps and metal cases feel cold to the skin, wood is warm. Wood is also significantly lighter than metal alternatives, causing the watch to be worn effortlessly. After a few minutes you will barely realise you are actually wearing a watch.
  3. Cork is wood too and is considered the vegan leather. Some brands, like this wood watch Canada brand GOWOOD, produce watches that have cork wrist brands. Cork is made of the bark of a tree, so it is still a wood type, but it is flexible and mouldable. It lends itself perfectly for wrist bands as a result and what else could it match better with than with an actual watch made of wood? The plus side from using cork for the wrist band is that no animals had to give their life to create a leather wrist band.
  4. Wood as wrist band. There are also wood watches available that use actual wood for the wrist band. This is commonly done to replace the metal alternatives, which are built up from links.
  5. 100% unique. Wood watches have the added benefit that even when the same style watch is produced from the same type of wood, no two pieces are actually exactly identical. This is the result of the each wood piece being unique. No two pieces of wood are ever identical in Mother Nature and showing the natural wood grain in a watch is a beautiful way of showing mother nature and its unique ability to create something so beautiful and so unique. Your watch is truly unique to you.
  6. Price range. Most wooden watches do not land in the price range of Rolex or Tag Heuer for example. Though they are not considered cheap either. Wood is simply not a cheap material. As a result most wood watches land in the middle segment, where you can count on a beautiful piece of art, but you still do not need to pay an arm and a leg in order to purchase it. It makes this type of watch accessible.

In conclusion you can say that the affordable price range, the use of natural resources and its guarantee for a unique product have pushed the wood watch industry to grow to a respectable size. They have grown popular under the masses and now come in many designs, shapes and forms. There is a perfect choice for everyone and make for an excellent gift to those that are into watches in the first place. Choosing for a wood watch, is choosing for an alternative.