Week Inspirational Math

 Videos:  https://www.youcubed.org/weeks/week-2-grades-6-8/

1) Find patterns with week 1 grade 3-4 patterns handout (day 2). Students circle patterns on SB or color patterns on SB.

 Display patterns from PDF  https://www.youcubed.org/weeks/week-1-grades-3-4/

2) Subitizing with dot cards, ten frames, connecting cubes (10 long, red & blue arranged in groups).

4) Make a pattern train, SNAP, put 1 piece behind back. How much is left?

5) Reteach same/equal value. 1 dollar (100 cents) is equal in value to 4 quarters (also 100 cents), but they are not the same. Dollars & quarters are different units. 

   Teach "equal in value but maybe not the same"   https://apps.mathlearningcenter.org/money-pieces/     (turn off grid lover L)

         yes  yes      https://www.samebutdifferentmath.com/about/