About The Teacher



About The Teacher...

Mrs. Talcott   

Booker Middle School

Core Courses: 6th, 7th, 8th grades

PHONE: 941 359-5824 Extension 60967 (7 AM - 2:15 PM) or cell phone until 6 PM unless there is an emergency.


A little about me….. 
I grew up stomping barefoot through the Florida swamps, jumping over 
quicksand patches, running from boar during the day and catching alligators 
at night…lol. There were nine kids in our family, without counting the ones 
who came to spend the night and never left! Continuing that tradition, I have 
seven children and another one who calls me “Mom”…lol.  They range from 21 
years old to 41 years old.  They have given us eight incredible grandkids, of 
whom we are very proud!  My husband is a retired Sarasota County 
firefighter/paramedic.  My heart’s desire was to have a degree in 
Psychopharmacology, but instead I followed in my mother’s footsteps and 
became a teacher.  She piloted the ESE programs in the state of Florida and 
retired at the young age of 80! Teaching has become my passion. I have a 
degree in elementary education and hold certificates in middle school 
integrated curriculum (core subjects), ESE K-12, SLD, SED, ESOL, and 
Reading.  I am currently considering a post graduate program for a degree in 
Autism, in order to teach at the collegiate level.  Down time is still 
spent on the water and in the swamps, if I can help it...lolol.  

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